🥣🍫Oatmeal Porridge🥣🍫

Oatmeal Porridge Recipe

How to cook perfect Oatmeal Porridge?

➡️50gr chocolate flavored oats
➡️50gr Egg Whites
➡️3 Strawberries
➡️10g Walnuts
➡️ Tuffed rice qb
➡️Sweet Caramel Syrup

Inspire yourself 🙂 Recipe from our athlete: Marta Rosado

A bowl with the desired amount of chocolate-flavored whole oatmeal, add the egg whites and add boiling water until desired consistency.
Put as topping strawberries, walnuts and puffed rice.
Add topping zero caramel.

It is important to count calories to know if we are in caloric deficit or to exceed maintenance calories. If you need help assigning your macros according to your purpose do not hesitate to ask for help 📩
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