Filipa Santos | After 8 Weeks | Photoshoot Prep

Our client, 27 years old, is in the following shape.
Filipa Santos, sought us to get in shape for a photoshoot . The process lasted 8 weeks. Filipa lost 2 kilograms, lost 7 cm waist and lost 8 cm hip. We are very happy with this preparation for her photoshoot. Congratulations

The prep is finished and we get the shape she wanted.

Throughout this 8-week preparation, it was used the aproach of carb cycling, having high days in carbs with more calories and lower days in carbs and lower calories.

The mission has been completed, but now the goal will be to reverse the diet and increase muscle mass. Stay tuned for the next transformation!

We have to praise our athlete! Congratulations Filipa Santos 💪
Physical activity is health ⛨ remember 👌

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