Filipa Toscano ℹ🏅After – 12 weeks | +4cm Glutes

Our client, 32 years old, is in the following shape.
Filipa Toscano, sought us with the aim of losing some fat mass and to get toned without cellulite. The process lasted 12 weeks. Filipa won 1 kilogram of muscle, lost 3 cm waist and her glute got 4cm more🙏👌 We are very happy with the result. Congratulations

The process is going half way! 💪🏼 soon we will show the final result! Stay tunned!

We have to praise our athlete! Congratulations Filipa Toscano 👌💪
Physical activity is health ⛨ remember 🙏👌

🔖PROMOTION: in the purchase of the 2 month package, we offer 25% discount monthly.

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