After 6 weeks – Nelson – Brasilian Jiu Jitsu Athlete

ℹ🏅After – 6 weeks
Our client, 41 years old, is in the following shape.

He was super-motivated to start this journey, and today the result is this and no one takes away his confidence. In just 6 weeks with our team lost 9cm waist and more than 3,6kg without affecting muscle mass 🙏👌 congratulations

The process is going halfway! 💪🏼 This was the first phase of preparation for our athlete who will compete in Brasilian Jiu Jitsu on 9 December ☝️ we are all supporting for this champion.

We have to praise! Congratulations Nelson 👌💪
Physical activity is health ⛨ remember it🙏👌

ℹ In this process, the intensity of the training and the minutes of cardio (HIIT) are being increased, never passing the 45 minutes of it, combined with a caloric deficit, but never forgetting the physical performance the result is surprising. We have just begun ✔

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